Transform Your Body With Kickboxing

Kickboxing came into existence only in the 1950s. It is a combination of the movements of MuayThai and Karate. Though it was initially used only as a competitive sport, it later found its place with the fitness enthusiasts. It is also very useful in case of self-defence. In general, it is a great exercise to strengthen the arms, shoulders, and thighs.

Preparing Yourself for Kickboxing

Kickboxing requires rigorous workouts as it is a very demanding sport. In addition to learning the techniques of kickboxing, kickboxers also require endurance training for muscular and cardio fitness. Irrespective of what kind of kickboxing one chooses to learn, preparation for the classes is the same. Almost all the kickboxing classes start with the basic cardiovascular exercises. It will also include routines to make the upper and lower part of the body flexible and fit for the kickboxing movements. Based on how much you can handle, customize your workout patterns without hurting yourself. Work at an intensity level that challenges you but doesn’t harm you. There are several levels of kickboxing classes that are being conducted. You can choose between the extremely easy to the most complex level based on your comfort level.

Some Basic Techniques Discussed

Many people enjoy kickboxing because it is an enjoyable way to lose weight and get strong. Kickboxing burns around 500 calories per hour. It strengthens the arms, shoulders, and thighs. It also acts as a way to release the stress. There is a wide range of punch and kick techniques involved in kickboxing for fat loss. Here are some techniques that one need to learn as part of the kickboxing training.



The Jab is targeted at the attacking the opponent’s nose. Thus, it is a straight and quick punch. As Jabs are used as surprise attacks, they are usually done very quickly, with the right foot in the front position and jabbing is done with the right hand. To Perform the Jab, you must stand in a fighting stance with the right foot forward. Bring the right hand forward, twist the forearm and bring the hand parallel to the floor. After making the attacking movement, come back to the initial position.


The Cross is just like the Jab and is also a straight punch. But the only difference is that if the right foot is put forward, the left hand is the one that does the cross punch. As in Jab, this punch also targeted at attacking the opponent’s nose.


This punch works in a circular motion and is targeted at hitting the opponent’s ear and cheek. This is performed by standing in the fighting stance with the left foot forward. Turn the left knee, hip, shoulder, and arm and punch using the left forearm. The right forearm must be near the face. It is important to make a perfect pivoting action to get this punch correctly.


The Uppercut punch targets the opponent’s chin and this punch are done with the fist pointing towards the ceiling. Take the fighting stance with the left foot forward. By bending both the knees, give a twist to your hips and give an upward thrust using the right fist. The left fist must be kept near the face.


Front Kick

This kick can be done using either of the two legs. This kick is done with the heel of the foot. Usually, it is targeted at the opponent’s Knee, Groin or Chest. It is similar to making a door open with your foot.

Roundhouse Kick

As the name suggests, it is a kick with a circular motion. The leg moves in an arc-like motion.

Side Kick

The sidekick is the most effective and strong kick. Remember to keep the foot stretched as you kick out.

A Final Word

Kickboxing is a very demanding as it requires good physical fitness. Though you are interested in learning this martial art, it is important to ask for the opinion of a physician before starting with the training. This especially holds true for people who are suffering from chronic conditions like asthma. Another thing to note is that stretching exercises must be done adequately before each session of kickboxing as it gives the necessary flexibility to the body.


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Some Basic Techniques Discussed